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Free your frivolous trials with sampling


One great way to save money is to partake in sampling.  This way, you are trying before you are buying, which we all know can be helpful.  Before you begin looking for free samples you’d like to try, I recommend making a “junk e-mail address” with a free e-mail provider like Hotmail or Yahoo.  This way, you have all your updates, newsletters, coupons, etc in one e-mail account and can sort them easily.  Many companies and sites will use your email address to spam you with offers, so just my two cents but it’s better to send that stuff to something other than your main email address so you can look at it when/if you want.  Another rule of thumb I follow is never give out your phone number.  Many “free sample sites” are simply information farms who sell your information to the highest bidder, so unless you want to be spammed by telemarketers, avoid giving your number out.  Finally, I always avoid anything that asks me to pay shipping.  Often times you will pay outrageous shipping for a travel size of something (which you could have probably gotten for a lot less money if you would have just bought it at the store). 

 Many websites offer free samples , even popular ones like target.  However the samples are given on a first come first serve basis, so unless you are checking the site everyday, you may miss out on many of the samples.  Also keep in mind, samples from retail stores like this often require you to qualify for preliminary criteria such as age, sex, or location.  From my experience with free samples, companies that believe their product is good and will have you switching brands will offer the sample at no cost to you.  I’ve gotten free samples of ALL laundry detergent, organic laundry cleaners, wet wipes, diaper cream, diapers, chap stick, shampoo, etc and have saved myself tons of money in the process buying things at full price in a store only to discover I didn’t like them.  P&G is notorious for free samples and great coupons if you sign up on their website.  They are more than likely very present in your household already, so it can’t hurt to sign up and get saving on their popular everyday products.



Some free samples sites:

Finish Dishwasher products

Quest Protein Bars

Prilosec OTC (only for those who suffer from frequent heartburn)

Emergenc Supplements

Pantene (This is a new years giveaway so time is of the essence)