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Fun with Bubbles



My kids (like many) love blowing bubbles.  A DIY bubble activity is not only a great way to entertain your kids, but it’s also very cost friendly to you.  Here is what you’ll need to get started:




Jello-O mix

Food coloring


Wire Clothes Hanger

Pipe cleaner


You make the bubble solution while you’re kids make their wands out of stuff you already laying around the house!

Cut the bottom of the water bottle out to make an easy to use bubble blower.  Just dip the cut edge in the solution, and blow through the mouth piece.  This is best for young children. You  can even decorate the bottle with paper or felt to really personalize their bubble blowing experience.  Bend the clothes hanger into all sorts of fun shapes that are great for big bubbles!  Bend a pip cleaner into the shape of a plastic bubble blower and go for it!  My daughters and I formed circles with our pipe cleaners and attached them in a long chain.  Then J held one end and E held the other, and they ran – watching bubbles wisp out from their pipe-cleaner chain.  Add food coloring for fun color bubbles – but careful as this step can make things more messy, and cause stains.


As far as the solution:

Take a quarter cup dish-detergent, a quarter cup jello mix, and 2 1/4 cups warm water.  Stir briefly and let sit.


This is such a fun activity, and gets the kids up and moving – great exercise just before the winter months hit.






Importance of Play


Kids love playing, and this is good for many reasons.  When they are playing they are learning, their mind is problem solving and socially accelerating.  The benefit to us?  It tires them out making bed-time that much easier 🙂  If you find a good park near you that your kids love going to, it can also be used as a reward for good behavior.  My daughter “J” is a kindergartner this year, and when she brings her folder home at the end of the day and she’s done her work, or when she receives prizes at school for being a good girl – I take her to the park.  While we are at the park, I work on things like colors we see (eye spy something blue!), or songs about spelling rhyming words (cat, bat, hat, sat).  When it’s raining, plan something fun inside to stimulate their minds.  Yesterday we took a trip to the dollar store and bought a travel mug that you can untwist and put a piece of paper you’ve decorated inside – and Voila! your very own decorated travel mug.  She made herself a water bottle for school and drew a picture of herself playing in the sun with butterflies.  We added glittery stickers for extra flair!  Another thing I’ve been doing is keeping the small individual plastic containers from her Pringles I pack in her lunch.  We play counting games with money using them, you can put paint in them, or sprinkles if you are decorating cookies …. and the best thing is they are washable.  (See my re-use it section for more ideas).