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Spring Cleaning is here!


It’s time to do that dreadful yearly task of spring cleaning – but don’t fret, the best way to avoid the cleaning woe’s is preparation.

First, make a list!  List each room, and under each room list the things you need to do in that room.


Family Room

          -Clean carpet

          -Sort toy bins

          -Clean upholstery

Next make a list of cleaning supplies you will need – it’s the perfect time to stock up on cleaning supplies (check newspapers for coupons – manufactures know it’s that time of the year).

Finally, kill two birds with one stone – clean & organize as you go.  Start with your cleaning supplies that you are toting from room to room.  A plastic shower caddy (can find at your local dollar store) is a great way to store all your supplies, sponges, brushes, and dusters in one convenient place.

Keep in mind one key thing – spring is symbolic of new beginnings.  When you are making your list – vow to part ways with that chair that has a broken leg or that pillow the dog chewed a hole in.  Start fresh, this is the real time to make your new years resolutions and new beginnings.