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Love your feet




Your feet are usually something you don’t put very high on your “take care of” list.  However, with a few simple steps every week you can keep your feet happy and healthy.

Twice a week, rub lemon on your heals, arches, and any patches of dry skin.  Cut the lemon into wedges and rub a wedge in circles against those stressed spots where your skin feels dry.  Next pour some Epson salt into a container you can soak your feet in (add some scented lavender for some aroma therapy), and soak them for about fifteen minutes.  Next let them air dry on a towel and apply some foot cream, apply pressure into the arch with your thumbs as you rub the cream in to relax your muscles.

feet cream


A cream I really love is Burt’s Bee’s Foot cream, it does have an oily consistency so before you walk on your floor make sure it is fully absorbed into your feet and dry.


If you have extra time, give your toe-nails a quick trim and apply some clear strengthening polish to keep them healthy, especially during the warmer months!


Relax, tomorrow is a new day


Today I’ve felt a bit on edge with all the studying my courses are packing on me.  I am studying for my bachelors in child therapy and family counseling.  I have two discussion papers due tomorrow, and apart from the assigned readings in the text, I had 75 pages of medical journals on emotions to read.  Between laundry, housework, grocery shopping, and the school work – I feel the whole day (which was sunny mind you) was spent indoors working.  However, I find personally that even the smallest pocket of time you allow yourself to relax can melt away a day riddled with more work than “self-time”.  For the last hour of my day I gave myself a foot rub with Burt’s Bee’s Foot Creme, had a glass of wine, and watched Triston and Isolde.  I am feeling so relaxed and peaceful at the moment that I feel like a day that flew by with little me time, has melted off thanks to some self-pampering and a good emotional outlet of a movie.

Something interesting I learned today was if you try doing tiresome tasks with a smile, recent studies show you’ll find the tasks more pleasing.  I’m not sure I agree, but I hear smiling burns calories – so what the heck, I smiled away.  After all, if they whistle while they work in fairy-tales, maybe doing it in real life can make life a little more happily ever after.


— Prodcut Note –

If you have never tried the Burt’s Bee’s products – I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are natural and honestly wonderful.  I started with the chap-stick and have never been able to use another chap-stick as happily.  I have since moved on to body butters and foot creme.  So far each product I’ve tried has blown other products out of the water. The foot creme is amazing, and thought it requires you to put your foot up a bit after application to allow the oil to dry (who can be mad about that really) it keeps your feet moisturized and feeling healthy (and smelling good!).