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Hot Smartphone Apps


For parents on the go, smart phone apps can be a life saver.  Here are a few I use on a weekly basis:

  1. Grocery IQ – This app lets you make your shopping list, clip coupons (you can print them or add them to your store card), search for grocery stores near you, email grocery lists in case you need your partner to go instead, and is super user friendly
  2. Gas Buddy – Searches gas prices from stations around you, and let’s you see who is pumping the lowest price and how far that station is from your current position.
  3. Drop Box – Let’s you back up files or carry them with you right on your phone.  If I have a really cute picture of the girls I took on the camera and want to take it with me to show the friends at a dinner party, this makes it simple.
  4. Cozie Family Organizer (not associated to this blog) – I love this program because you can keep track of everything, it’s so easy to use,  and you can connect it to your home computer, phone, tablet, personal email, etc … and it will inform you of upcoming events and to do lists.
  5. Good Guide – It’s like a mini consumer reports for your phone, inform yourself before you buy!
  6. Mint.Com – Your budget right at your fingertips.  Also sends you alerts when you’ve overspent or your account is low.
  7. Netflix – Watch movies streaming on your phone (careful with bandwidth).  In a doctors office with a long wait – pop on Dora and your kids are set.
  8. ShopSavvy – Price check!  Compare prices from the internet as well as other stores with this App.  A free app that saves you money!
  9. SleepMachine – let’s you customize sleep sounds.  I like crickets in the rain with waves.  For those nights when you are really having trouble sleeping.
  10. iHeartRadio – A wonderful radio app for jams while you walk, shop, or whenever you just need to get away into some good music.

There are lots of other apps out there that are helpful: calorie trackers for people on a fitness track, navigation assistance, alarm clocks …. and something that has completely taken over my phone …. kids games.  They are so wonderful for long car rides, fussy grocery store visits, or when your waiting for your food at a sit down restaurant.