Dye-it and dont stress


This morning on the daily show, I thought they made an excellent point during a health short-segment that you can lose a good amount of weight by making two small changes everyday.  First, eat a slow digesting high carb option (their example was an egg-white omelet wrapped with spinach in a wheat wrap).  The second step was to simply get moving.  Forget pushing the rigorous workout if it’s something you can’t keep up with, and just take walk.  Invest in a pedometer if you want to track your daily steps (they recommend 5,000 a day).  Finally, simple snacks can get you through the day and still let you see the results you’d like.  You can eat a whole bowl of air popped (no butter, not sugar, no salt) popcorn, fresh fruits, or humus!  Dieting doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be slow and simple and stress free!  The key is just to get started at your own pace and stick with it!  Finally, make yourself a comfy shirt to walk in and keep you motivated!  Bright colors can help your energy level, and also call attention to cars if you are walking on a road or hunters if you are strolling through the woods.  A Hanes ty-dyed number can help you feel confident and committed to walking (if it’s in your closet hanging in the morning, your going to remember to walk!)  With your feel good tye dyed shirt and and your easy breakfast/snack solutions, you’ll see pounds naturally begin to melt-away.


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