Love your feet




Your feet are usually something you don’t put very high on your “take care of” list.  However, with a few simple steps every week you can keep your feet happy and healthy.

Twice a week, rub lemon on your heals, arches, and any patches of dry skin.  Cut the lemon into wedges and rub a wedge in circles against those stressed spots where your skin feels dry.  Next pour some Epson salt into a container you can soak your feet in (add some scented lavender for some aroma therapy), and soak them for about fifteen minutes.  Next let them air dry on a towel and apply some foot cream, apply pressure into the arch with your thumbs as you rub the cream in to relax your muscles.

feet cream


A cream I really love is Burt’s Bee’s Foot cream, it does have an oily consistency so before you walk on your floor make sure it is fully absorbed into your feet and dry.


If you have extra time, give your toe-nails a quick trim and apply some clear strengthening polish to keep them healthy, especially during the warmer months!


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