Put your brain power to the test


Lately I’ve been feeding my kids a lot of fish because of the omega-fats that are said to be a super-food for your brain.  I started thinking, I’m so focused on their brain function – but what about my own?  As an adult our brain tends to do more slowing down than it does speeding up.  I read some interesting studies on how to keep your brain sharp!  Some suggested writing a sentence in cursive every morning, other suggested doing a cross-word or Sudoku with your morning coffee.  While I do enjoy Sudoku, a friend of mine showed me this website – and then I found some others on my own – that really put my brain to the test, pushing it to “wake up” more.

This particular brain test is about multi-tasking.  You can find it @ http://open-site.org/blog/the-multitask-test/.  It allows you to see how well your brain multi-tasks on a basic level, and then compare your score to gender averages as well as where your average age score lies.

Some other interesting ones are:

  • This one is recommended by Forbes – and after completing a quick goal orientation and profile you can begin “training your brain”.


  • This is a website that’s name says it all!  Get that brain in shape!






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