The Acai Berry


Due to recent health related issues that have come my way, I have decided to take on an experiment.  I will be incorporate 500mg of raw acai berries into my daily diet.  I’ve done a lot of reading about this “super-food” and one of it’s continued documented benefits is it’s ability to detox your body, liver health, and aiding in your bodies strive for homeostasis.  I have looked at my local food market and they sell the berry frozen as well as raw juice – I think I’ll do a mix of these.  I also wanted to give a product shout to Lean Cuisines new salad expressions.  I had the asian salad the other day and was amazed for a frozen dinner how fresh it all tasted.  The chicken was very tender and the vegetables did not have that frozen taste.  If you are trying to get healthy – don’t torture yourself, find solutions you enjoy or it will be harder to stick to your goal.  I’ll post some recipes for raw acai treats as I try them as well as results I’m noticing in a few days.


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  1. Day 5 of my Acai berry experiment. I feel I have more energy, and oddly, I feel happier. The stress in my life has not gone down – so I’m tempted to attribute this to the acai berry. I haven’t found anything linked to acai berry and happiness – but I’m telling you, since I started drinking an acai berry shake everyday, I feel so much better in almost every way.

  2. Day 20 of the Acai berry. I have found the taste of it to have become less hard to deal with (wasn’t a fan when I started). The energy is unreal, I am getting so much more done than I did before, my sleep has also improved greatly. I use to wake up a lot at night, and I haven’t been doing that nearly as much the past 10 days (again I don’t know if it’s the acai berry or something else). I stand by what I said last time, I am def. noticing a difference in my everyday self – and I have to attribute this in some way to just incorporating the acai berry into my life everyday. Currently I’m drinking two acai berry juices a day and experimenting with acai berries on my salads, in pancakes, muffins, and even in jello.

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